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Individual 1-on-1 Coaching

Individual or 1-on-1 coaching offers you the most customized version of coaching that is tailored to the meet you, right where you are. This partnership based on ‘listening you to your presence”. Essentially, listening on all levels while providing understanding and encouragement combined with well-timed hard nudges to spark you to achieve your goals, beacon in new futures and realize previously unimagined, wildly im-possible outcomes.

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Group Coaching Circles

Coaching circles are designed to give you access to coaching in a group setting. But it offers way more than that. Through the shared journey of self-discovery, you learn that you are not alone in the life issues you face and that others in the group are your greatest allies and teachers. You will learn new skills and the opportunity to try them out and reflect on the outcomes. The experience of being challenged to learn and grow together is transformative….and magical!

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The Shift

The Shift is the ultimate transformational program that will help you release everything that is holding you back - so you can finally create what you REALLY want at core level. Over 6 months, I coach you step-by-step to understand that you are the author of your life so you can disband limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and learn how to beacon in a future that resonates with your soul in the most beautiful way.

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