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With over 30 years of experience working in sales, leadership, consulting and project management roles in organizations in the in healthcare, wellness, organizational development, recruiting, retail, technology, financial and not-for-profit sectors, I have helped re-position, re-brand, expand and launch new ventures for many organizations through consulting, change management, business planning and leadership development.

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Im a catalyst for sparking personal transformation and professional development with leaders and entrepreneurs across North America.

In the coaching realm, I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Focus is placed on enhancing self-awareness, clarifying values and goal-setting that maximizes the impact they are capable of having. Sparking personal awareness is key, as learning to thrive personally means you can inspire, create and achieve more professionally.

While working with me, be ready for: strong connection, directness of thought, an intuitive bent, unconventional thinking, a dash of unexpected humour, solid encouragement and…most importantly, an unyielding belief in your potential. Why?

Because I learned early that I ‘see the world through a different lens that leads to a different understanding of the world.

I was told this perception and expression was wrong and I felt a strong sense of separation, unworthiness and un-belonging that I believed for a long time. I now understand that listening in and dancing to the beat of my own drum makes me unique because there is power and truth in that - my power and truth. As a result, I seek to help clients envision the world from a unique perspective – their own. What becomes clear is what matters most to them and why. For change to be sustainable, it must be sourced from within, as transformation is sparked from the inside out.

My past experience may be helpful but the real magic lies in the co-creation that happens when we explore your unique challenges together.

Change happens and transformation occurs. For me, the magic of supporting clients through this transformation means I keep evolving with them. By being present to what is and being direct enough to ask the tough questions, I help clients see that their lives are a result of their conscious and unconscious choices. Together, we focus on self-discovery, clarifying goals and creating outrageous outcomes. Expansion and growth occur and they become empowered to beacon in and manifest the life they consciously choose to live. So do I. Supporting clients on this continual process of learning, growing and evolution benefits me, too. It’s aligns with my purpose and this continual challenge and growth is what keeps me hooked on coaching.

What I’m also hooked on is continual, experiential learning. Some of the tools I use in coaching are:

  • the Enneagram
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)
  • Values work (clarifying top values and behaviours)
  • Responsibility Formula (proven process feelings and emotions)
  • Meditation
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) (determines top strengths and communication style)
  • SBII (Specific, Behaviour, Impact, Intent) model (developing feedback skills)
  • Business plans (1 to 2 pages)

If you are curious to explore what coaching with me could illuminate (or eliminate!) in your life, get in touch!

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Life is an act of continual creation and transformation. Essentially, when we refuse change, we refuse an opportunity for a joyful, abundant life. When we resist change, we refuse the journey of life.

Who is attracted to work with me? Those who:

  • are looking for change and are open to transformation
  • have a vision or dream and are looking for a proven path to manifest this
  • are open-minded thinkers that are willing to take a deep dive into discovering the patterns that are holding them back and then shifting the beliefs underneath them
  • are really wanting to get unstuck from the never-ending cycle of the not-good-enough habit
  • those caught in the ‘imposter’ syndrome, continually doubting yourself leading to a lack of motivation and an aversion to living your purpose
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"I wanted to take a moment to write and offer my sincere gratitude for our work together.  Your ability to meet me where I am at on my life path, listen deeply, non-judgmentally, and meticulously to what is brought into the session has made all the difference.  The way you are able to provide a space for us to explore, discover, heal, and transcend old ways of thinking, planning, and going about making lasting change has facilitated such growth and awareness in my life, career, and relationships.  Our time together has helped me settle deeper into myself and as a result my life has expanded in meaning, purpose, and value. 

You are a truly gifted coach who brings a multidimensional approach to your work. Your ability to foster curiosity, imagination, and inquiry always helps to bring lighthearted humor and ease to the process of discovery and transformation.  I look forward to our sessions and the relationship we have cultivated feels very open, trusting, and honest.  

I have found in our time working together I am able to be more and more authentic and in alignment with the vision of who I want/am becoming.  It is hard to put into words that wonderful way you become your work and use your craft to weave newness into the tapestry of the lived life. I am so very pleased with our work and how it continues to evolve and offer new avenues of growth."