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A spiritual seeker with feet planted firmly on the earth. Bringing 40 years of experience working in policing, critical incident management, community engagement, not-for-profit leadership, and investigations.  I bring the experience of being able to stand in the chaos seeing the larger picture, engaging the Art of asking the right question to discover the way forward.

I always felt like a spiritual seeker, yearning for connection with the Creation and with other people. This tendency to connect didn’t stop me from falling asleep to my true nature, damming up my emotions or losing myself while attempting to become part of something ‘bigger’. In doing this, I lost the ability to inhabit myself, failing to develop a strong sense of my own identity. At a very young age, I became one with religion’, becoming the ‘good Christian boy’ but essentially living in a state of false spiritual attainment. As an adult, I merged with the police force believing that the ideals it held high were my own.

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Essentially, I ignored the more disturbing aspects of life, trying to seek some degree of peace, comfort and belonging.

In pursuing this level of connection while ignoring reality, I became disillusioned and resentful. I said yes to things I really wanted to say no to. Then questions began to arise: “Is there only one way to God?”; “Is justice really fair and available to all?” I went through life trying to be of service, create peace while wearing a suit of armour to protect myself against the world. Not wanting to confront the paradoxes and tensions in my life, I avoided what I perceived as conflict – in myself and in life.

Then I learned: saying no and setting boundaries has less consequence than saying yes...

Avoidance does not lead to relaxation and; losing connection to my true nature left me without a sense of my own identity. Truth is, my presence, opinions and involvement matter. I have to value myself and believe this first, in order to be of service to myself and others. My big AHA was I can be in service to the Greater Good more powerfully if I ground, connect to and develop my own sense of self.

In coaching, my intention is to co-create sacred space where honest, authentic conversation sparks re-membering and transformation.

My goal is to create safe spaces for profound and transformational conversations, using the tools of deep listening, creativity, ceremony and intention where clients can holistically explore their emotions, obstacles, challenges, discover their passions and action their dreams. Joseph Campbell once said, “The treasure you seek is in the cave you fear to enter.” I believe that through a coaching partnership, a torch can be lit, illuminating that entrance to the cave of treasure. That treasure is YOU.

Have you ever felt disconnected? Lost? Resentful because you’ve said yes instead of no?

Really yearning for connection – with yourself, people, the universe/God, something? If so, you not alone! Seriously, the reason I was drawn to coaching was the ability to connect with the people where they are right now and support them in illuminating their own path forward – a path forged with their values, purpose, and passion.

Want to explore the possibilities that lie within you? Connect with me to open the door to those possibilities.

The joys and privileges of life’s journey are the opportunities to learn, to grow and experience; then sharing these gifts and tools in coaching.  From Shamanic ceremonies, mystic retreats, to the opportunities to learn from experts in coaching, psychology and spirituality, these are treasures to be shared in this moment.

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) informed 
  • Body Mind Therapy trained
  • Non-Violent Communications
  • First Nations Reconciliation & Elder Training 
  • Business Plans
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Adult Education Trained
  • Enneagram informed
  • Intuitive Practices and Meditation Trained
  • Spiritual Companion with Spiritual Directors International
  • Human Resources background
  • Shamanic Coaching 

If you are interested in exploring a more holistic client centered and ceremonial approach to sparking your life, please reach out!

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One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, they lie concealed in the silence between the words or in the depth of what is unsayable between two people. - John O'Donohue

Who is attracted to work with me? Those who:

  • looking to discover your own passion and wisdom?

  •  willing to step into the circle to discover your own magic?

  •  a spiritual traveller curious to explore the questions of life?

  •  a seeker committed to exploring and developing your own sense of Self?

  •  wanting a mentor to explore the questions you are wrestling with?

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“I was very fortunate to work with Allan as my coach as I stepped into restarting my business. No small task given that my life and business have been through a major transformation over the past 2 years. Allan is a skilled coach; I highly recommend working with him to guide effective transformation and drive progress in one's life.”

"Allan skillfully weaves a combination of the most valuable disciplines and teachings into his interactions. With ease, he creates trusting and meaningful connections leading to deep and transformational conversations. Allan makes a difference in the life of each person he connects with."

Nikita P. 

“Steadfast adherence to ideals. Thank you again for the sorting, sifting conversation. You’re exceptional at what you do.”