The Shift

The Shift is the ultimate transformational program that will help you release everything that is holding you back - so you can finally create what you REALLY want at core level.

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The Shift takes place over a 6 month timeframe.

During these 6 months, I coach you step-by-step to understand that you are the author of your life so you can disband limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and learn how to beacon in a future that resonates with your soul in the most beautiful way.

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Before I delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about who The Shift is for…

This is for you if you… 

  • Are stuck in doubt and not sure what to do next
  • Have a vision or dream and want a path forward to manifest it
  • Want to choose a life with more joy, love and fulfillment by letting go of the patterns that are holding you back
  • Are tired of settling for the status quo in your career or relationship(s) with yourself/your partner/family/friends. 

By the end of the journey you will…

  1. Understand that you ARE the author of your life. You can write your own story. Take real action to write the new chapters – the ones yet to come. 
  2. Re-discover your authentic self. Attune to that inner voice of truth. Release yourself from the dual prisons of comparison and social conditioning.  
  3. Unlock the answers within yourself. Let me be clear. I don’t have all the answers for you. However, I can hold you capable of sourcing the answers that are within you. Yes, those answers are there. Sometimes you’ve forgotten this – all you need is someone with the right questions and process to get you shift your focus to one of introspection and tuned into your inner voice of truth.
  4. Disband limiting beliefs have been holding you back. You can overcome the challenges in your life. With support and being held capable and you can prove it to yourself again and again. 
  5. You simply don’t know where to begin. Life is a mysterious journey where the past, present and future are deeply intertwined. You can learn a process to beacon in a future that resonates with your soul in the most beautiful and magical way.
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By the end of this journey you also will have the opportunity to…

  1. Get unstuck. It’s easy to get side-tracked in life. Bad habits draw you in and are hard to break, often leaving you stuck spinning in circles. These time-wasters can completely debilitate you from achieving what you want in life. 
  2. Define a clear vision. To move forward to realize your dreams, you need to have an idea of where you want to go. Getting clarity on this means stepping out of your comfort zone – and that can be hard. If you are serious about shifting into high gear to chase your dreams, your comfort zone needs to expand- again and again. Magic occurs when you step out of your comfort zone. And nothing changes if nothing changes. And nothing is constant but change. 
  3. Get the fizz back in your life. Losing that spark for life and for your career/business is hard. Ordinary life seems so…ordinary. BLAH. Sometimes getting through each day is a challenge. Put a spotlight on the issues, your strengths and your potential to ignite the flame that fuels your passion and purpose again. 
  4. Follow through with goals. Life does have a habit of getting in the way of goals and the lack of achieving these goals slips from days, into weeks, months and then into years. Shift into being able to set and fast-tracked to achieve your goals.
  5. Understand what success means to you and how to get there. Find the answers you need to define your unique path to serve your purpose.
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Are you set to shift into high gear and illuminate your own unique path?

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A Special Note from Me to You

I’m a real shift disturber, a catalyst for transformation, sparking clients to create and ‘beacon in’ potential futures.  No matter the objective, the challenge or the complexity, I’ve learned that having the courage to be open to change, to explore and be true to yourself is key. I spent many years believing I was a misfit – not worthy of connection and belonging. Because it was a belief, I would unconsciously create disconnection and aloneness – again and again. Until I really felt the pain I was causing myself and how I was limiting my life, I wasn’t ready to change. When I realized I had the power to choose differently, I made choices that transformed my life. 


It is important to understand that change often involves fear. And that is scary. Nothing is intrinsically wrong with fear – fear is a natural reaction to change. The problem comes when you believe the presence of fear means what you’re considering is dangerous. It isn’t, always. We don’t begin the process of transformation by freeing ourselves from fear, that’s not possible. We being by accepting change is full of the unknown and that can be scary and resolving to change anyway. Are you willing to free yourself from fear and shift into change to live a more empowered life? 


 From experience, I’m quite aware that struggle and heartbreak are opportunities for growth and acceptance. Quite often, this means affirming what you already intuitively know. We are all experts at getting in our own way!


Are you ready to choose to fully participate in the world with a feeling of belonging, connection and anticipation of what is possible?

If so, I know I can help you in The Shift.

What Makes The Shift so Unique?

There are many courses and programs out there, but I truly believe there is nothing that compares to the experience you will have in The Shift.

There are many things that set The Shift apart — from the incredible support to unique techniques. This is not a typical on demand video course with a talking head! Ultimately, what makes The Shift most unique though, is that is it catered to YOU!

Through all of the immersive techniques and coaching, I help you connect with YOUR inner truth and get the answers that are right for YOU. I just help illuminate what was previously hidden and help guide you to choose what serves all of you, right now.

Attuning to that inner voice of truth helps connect your inner world to your outer world.

In other words, create and then manifest your unique vision for your life. What I know for sure is you have to stay focused on creating your own experience – that is where the magic is! And you can find that magic. Success means something different to each person.  And most importantly feels different for everyone. You are unique – thoughts, mindsets, fears, definition of success. A set formula doesn’t work for everyone. You have a unique destination and need to forge your own path to get there.


One thing I know for sure is a lack of self-awareness is the emotional equivalent to navigating in the dark.

Enhancing your self-awareness is like lighting a candle from within that illuminates the path forward to choosing more freedom, joy and love in your life. It is that simple – and that complex! Interwoven into this path of self-discovery is intention and surrender, of reaching out and letting go, connection and disconnection, of stillness and action, known and unknown that eventually results in the re-unification of the parts of ourselves into wholeness.

Are you doubting your worth or your ability to create a lasting transformation in your life? How can you light your candle of awareness that sparks empathy for yourself (and others) and ignites a torch that fuels your passion and purpose? It is so needed in the world right now.

Over the past year I have undergone an immense personal transformation. I feel more grounded, aligned and in touch with myself and others and this is in large part due to my partnership with Karen. I started seeing Karen just over a year ago when I found myself at a major crossroad. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my work, relationship, living situation or community and I had two choices: I could continue to drift through life, asleep to myself, or I could wake up. With humor, honesty, and just the right amount of tough love, Karen helped me find the strength within myself to live authentically and intentionally. Karen has a beautiful ability of being able to meet someone where they are, while still pushing them to go further in their journey. Karen gave me the tools, resources and space I needed to reclaim my own power and take responsibility for the life I’m leading. I could not be more grateful.

Lexi D.

I was immediately drawn to Karen’s uncanny (or exceptional or magical or remarkable???) 

ability to elevate and deepen any conversation. Whether business and organizational-related or personal and spiritual, she is an overflowing fountain of wisdom that I respect and heartily drink from every time with her. Every single session, she is so attuned to what I am saying (and even to what I am not saying!), that I walk away with more clarity and a deeper sense of my purpose in all facets of my life. She has changed my world and allowed me to leap into different versions of myself with grace, fun, courage. Love you, Karen!!!

Kristin H.