Group Coaching Circles

Coaching circles are designed to give you access to coaching in a group setting. But it offers way more than that.

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Through the shared journey of self-discovery...

You learn that you are not alone in the life issues you face and that others in the group are your greatest allies and teachers. You will learn new skills and the opportunity to try them out and reflect on the outcomes. The experience of being challenged to learn and grow together is transformative….and magical!

There is no doubt that being in a coaching circle can be transformative. Purely through “listening you to your presence” (all-levels listening) in a trusted community, the support needed to get to the next place of where you want to be in your life is provided. It’s true, the truth and solutions lie within us. This all-levels listening that happens in coaching circles goes beyond words and allows for tuning into the highest potential of the person facing the challenge. A coaching circle that creates a safe space and listening on all levels also creates opportunity for alchemy to happen. Like magic, you discover the solutions lie within you. Because you are the author of your life.

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The circle is guided by the principles of mutual respect, unity, collaboration, and sharing.

What’s said in the circle, stays in the circle. Each member of the circle is both student and teacher. Every member in the circle has value and a voice that shares perspectives that aren’t always heard, apparent or even initially welcomed! But they do allow us to learn from each other. The benefits are simple, profound and magical. They don’t happen by accident. The circle is a powerful divine symbol of wholeness, where all parts come together to form a whole and yet, where the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

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