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July 2022 - How Do You Start Your Day?

activating your heart breaking open emf gratitude practice intuition re-program tuning into feelings Jul 10, 2022

How Do You Start Your Day?

Can we talk about how you start your day? How it impacts how you live your day and the next day and the next? How the actions you make today chart the patterns and direction of your life? The path you take in your life, your future.


The direction of your life – it is totally influenced by how you start your day. Instead of waking up, appreciating the awakening of another day by inhaling the miracle of each breath and dancing with joy to the potential of the day, most of us wake and check in with our monitors. Our phones, TVs, laptops, radios and the collective state of humanity set the mood we want to be in for the day. The tone set here is usually one of anxiety, fear and lack.


Our Culturally-Conditioned Self

Perhaps before but surely after COVID, our world operates from a trauma-reaction state. Our collective has been programmed to respond with fear and anxiety through the repetitive signaling of fear and shock. World events are channelled through the news via our phones, ipads, laptops and TVs. Emails in our inboxes demand our timely attention and texts require immediate response. Priorities and schedules are set accordingly. Thus our days become culturally constructed. Driven by realities and demands outside of our Self.


The construction of this culturally conditioned self may have been so gradual, you might not have even noticed. Or you were indoctrinated to it quickly through the forced isolation suddenly inflicted upon you by COVID. The end result is the same – this culturally conditioned self reflects what is happening through the information channelled to it every day. No wonder there is unprecedented levels of anxiety and fear in the world right now. Fear, when misused, becomes controlling. And when left unconsciously unchecked, fear can set the tone and thus the direction of your life.


De-Program Yourself!

How can you de-program yourself from this state? Through activating your heart and your gut. Start by checking in with the truth being channelled through your feelings, intuition and instinct. Then integrate that with the data coming from your mind. The purpose of the brain is to think critically. The information from this critical thinking is then to be provided to the heart. The EMF of the heart is 5-6 times stronger than the head. The packs more power and can pull in information from other realms than the physical. The mind can interpret only the physical realm – what is can see, hear, touch, smell, taste. The heart, when activated, has genius and vision that is often outside of the physical realm and outside of the concept of present time. The heart can stream in that which is outside of the physical realm. The heart needs the mind to secure a safe place for it to create in, and the mind needs the heart to steer it in the direction of wisdom when mental thought can only reach so far. We need a deeper integration of the heart and mind.


Think you need to think your way through your life? Ah – your cultural conditioning is showing! We are taught at a young age to value thought, logic and analysis as a solid foundation for making day-to- day choices and big life decisions. Remember, the electromagnetic frequency of the heart is 5-6 times greater than that of the mind. The heart packs more power and can pull in information from other realms than the than just the physical. The heart is a powerhouse of wisdom and resonance. We need both the mind and the heart to be connected and in communication to help us navigate successfully through life.


Gut Feeling and Intuition

In some Eastern philosophies, the gut is known as the second brain. Instinct is channelled through the body. That tightness in your stomach or the expansiveness in your chest is instinct. Remember that ‘gut feeling’, your ignored and ended up wishing you had followed it? The feeling that you shouldn’t date that guy/girl? Or take that ‘looks so good, can it be true’ job? That is instinct.


Ever had that sense of being sure – really sure – about something but logically couldn’t define why? Or heard that soft but insistent voice, calling for you to listen to something outside of reason? Your intuition calls you to make gradual (or sometimes drastic, if it has been muted for years) changes changes in your life that lead towards ongoing evolution, development, and consciousness. Intuition can see past the repeating cycles of the mind, urging you to move beyond what you think you know.


Numbing and Fear

As technology becomes more and more prevalent, it can end up taking the place of active thought, blocking intuition and dulling instincts. This results in patterns of unconscious actions leading to unconscious decisions. Fear, when overused, becomes controlling, resulting in increased anxiety and leading to unconscious behaviour.  We numb out and program ourselves to follow the lead of the collective.


Activate Your Heart, Intuition and Instinct

Activating the heart with its capacity to feel and listening in to your instinct channelled through your body help you move beyond the realms of thought and language and re-activate your inner compass to support you in making more conscious decisions to chart the course of your life. This is possible through harnessing the wisdom of your heart and knowledge of your instinct.


Now, you ask, how do I re-activate my heart , intuition and instinct to set course for a different path in my mornings and my life? 


  • Engage your breath. inhale and B-R-E-A-T-H-E right down into your belly. Hold that breath for a few moments. Then exhale out – slowly – longer than your inhale. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This cycle of breath helps the diaphragm to reset and regulate, supporting healthy functioning of your organs and calming your mind.
  • Express gratitude. At least once a day verbally express gratitude for at least 3 things in your life. Better yet, write it down. Cultivating a practice of gratitude can shift the patterns in your life.
  • Connect with nature. Walk with bare feet on the land (grass, soil, stone). Talk a walk in the woods or a stroll down a sandy beach.
  • Be mindful of what you are doing in the moment. Experience the food you are eating, the breath you are taking, the sunlight or rain streaming down.
  • Listen IN. Start checking-in with your Inner Self. Turn within. Say hello to your Inner Self and see what it says to you. You may be surprised! Start asking it simple questions – “What do I feel like wearing today? What will nourish my body for lunch? Which direction should I turn – left or right?” And listen.
  • Got a decision to make? Place a hand on your stomach. What sense do you get here? Tightening and constriction? Warmth and flow? Sense what your body is trying to tell you.
  • Become aware of your feelings. Seek the truth in them. Express them without being owned by them. Then take that information into your day and into the decisions you make in your day. Feelings are the gateway to your truth, your power to create and to your power to transform your life.


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